A downloadable game for Windows

Critter clash is a 4 player 2vs2 co-op arena shooter!

The objective is to score the most points within the set time limit. Your avatar will start off as weak and frail with one heart. Across the stage are critters' you can fuse with, granting you a custom moveset and 2 hearts! Critters each have one offensive and secondary ability, so learn them all!

*Note that Critter clash requires a xbox360 or ps3 to play and is in a unfinished state! If you do not have the available players you can que dummy characters by bringing up the debug menu with ctrl+shift+D. We can also provide more exports to different platforms on request.

Install instructions

Extract and run the "NW" exe. ports can be made by request.


Critter Clash Beta 61 MB


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New update coming with a bunch of new additions!

We have updated from 7.7 to version 11!